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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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The music industry is finding new ways to reach and immerse fans in the experience, tapping into a market of attendees by offering a chance to gain access to a live experience. It can be a game changer! As the world becomes smaller due to the internet and social media platforms, the demand for the globalization of live events along with ever-developing technology expands the reach for live music events to be viewed by those in remote spaces. The party comes straight to your living room!

The live sound and visual quality is enhanced by using earphones or headsets, 4K televisions, and smartphones. This can create a closer interaction between a fan and artist instead of being crammed in with other viewers at a live event. Underground streaming sites such as Cercle and Boiler Room are now being picked up by mainstream music festivals, concerts, and broadcasting events. These streams can go straight to social media & YouTube. Festivals and events are even offering VR tours of the campsites, events, or even gaming streams.

Are you an up-and-coming musician? Looking for a way to gain more viewership and introduce yourself to the world? Chandler Business Group has the tools and ability to help you burst out onto the scene and get your art out there! We have a mobile studio to stream your show from, production and filming equipment to create a unique music video to post to your social media, and even a radio station to feature your music on. All of these will help you gain awareness and followers and let you broadcast yourself and your brand. Contact us today to start the journey of your dreams!

Live Music & Digital Music Together Forever

A study done by MusicWatch showed that over 63% of fans both live share and view Instagram or Snapchat stories of live events. In addition, over 90% of digital media platform users participated in online sharing or interaction with music and artists. Streaming live is becoming the easiest way for artists to connect with their fans and providing their followers with music news and updates. Artists are able to provide video “teasers” and release hints, enticing their fans to interact. And hosting live videos just increases the viewership and interaction.

New genres of music hit the global stage

Genres like K-pop, Latin-inspired music, and Indie music are coming to the forefront as the world continues to expand it’s listening reach. More and more people are embracing diversity since online streaming is available in countries where it was difficult to share music. Additionally, playlist streaming has replaced album listening, allowing the listener to share their discovery of new and similar artists, as well as curated lists on Spotify and Pandora. Using these lists allow users to search terms like ‘music to fall asleep to,’ or ‘workout music.’ This allows the listener to cater to how they’re feeling instead of searching for specific artists and allows a greater variety of artists, known or unknown.

Artists Choose the Independent Route

Bedroom producers such as Billie Eilish and Kaytranada have become successful just by sharing new projects using social media outlets. More and more artists are moving in this direction and taking a DIY approach to their career. In fact, 90% of consumers revealed that they use social media platforms to find and stream new music and discover local music events, according to MusicWatch.

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