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If you’ve been shopping for a TV lately, you’ve probably seen fancy displays and customer service associates pushing for a 4K television. But what does 4K mean and how much does it improve your viewing enjoyment? 4K is a video specification that literally means 4,000. The name is from the number of pixels per width of footage. With more pixels, you get a clearer and more refined image. There’s already been a jump from “standard definition” television to HD and Full HD services on digital TV, online streaming, and Blu-Ray discs. HD footage is detailed, crisp and looks great when watching on a large TV. 4K is significantly more detailed, above 1080p HD which is only 1920 pixels across. 4K gives you twice the pixels horizontally and four times as many pixels in total.

Chandler Business Group has invested in 4K video cameras to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re taping a video or broadcasting live on YouTube, our equipment provides your viewers with an amazing experience. Here are a few of the benefits you can get from using CBG to handle production & editing using our 4K cameras.

4K Gives You More Options

One of the many benefits of shooting in 4K is a quadrupled resolution which allows you to zoom in cleanly since you have a much better source to work with. When Chandler Business Group is doing the post-production for your recorded video, this gives us the benefit for cutting to close-ups and eliminating jump-cuts since there is a better source video to work with. We can use a dramatic effect shifting between full-body shots and close-up shots easily and cleanly.

4K provides the ability to crop or add movement to any shot you want without losing image quality in the process. Wobble is reduced and high-res still images can be captured from the video footage, allowing you to use the actual video stills for your social media posts and links on your website.

4K Capture Looks Better

Shooting 4K delivers a higher quality image even if your video or live stream is presented in 1080p. By capturing four times the amount of information doesn’t produce an image four times better looking, but in the end, the result will be noticeably sharper. There’s also a reduction of color banding, 4K is recorded at a higher bitrate. This means more color detail is captured, and improves gradual changes like blue skies and other solid colors. Whether shooting outside or in our Mobile Studio, CBG can offer this quality at an affordable price. Our green screen is optimized for 4K and we are ready to bring your ideas to life.

Stabilized footage in post-production

No matter what you do with the footage, it looks better if you hold the camera fairly still when shooting. Software stabilization programs can be pricey to use for post-production. While it is a feature that’s built into most modern editors, it still works by stretching the image. In contrast to 1080p productions, 4K source material results in software stabilized footage with very little loss in image quality. This makes post-production of your content quicker, allowing CBG to get your content back to you and out on the web quickly.

You’ll thank yourself using CBG's 4K video production

Remember what Wii U games looked like? How 702p video looks on a 1080p screen? That’s what your 1080p videos look on a large 4K panel. The video has to be upscaled to fit the screen. While some devices are better than others, the larger the display, the worse it tends to look. This will only get worse, as technology advances there will be 8K TV’s and 1080p videos won’t look good at all. If you create DVD’s or stream live and people watch them on their Smart TV’s and large computer screens, you’ll thank yourself later when you record with a 4K video camera.

Chandler Business Group has over 20 years of experience producing, recording, and editing music videos, talk shows, and more. We offer Live Stream capability using our Mobile Studio and stage/venue setup including lights, sound, and teardown. Have a dream to create a music video, TV show, or live stream on YouTube? Contact us today! Our Sales team is ready and waiting to take care of all your needs.

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