Create the Best Experience with Lighting

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Whether you’re creating an in-person event or live streaming in a mobile studio, the right lighting and background makes all the difference between engaging your audience and broadcasting content with a blank wall behind you. When the lighting is right, and your entrance music plays, the moment of engagement has arrived. At this moment, you’ve either won or lost your audience to get involved in your production.

Having the right lighting can make or break your event, whether it’s from the mobile studio, or at an in-person event. How can this lighting create an environment to get your attendees to engage and enjoy your presentation?

Trigger the Right Emotions

Lighting evokes emotions, depending on the lighting brightness and color, you can sway your audience emotionally. If you want to convey a happy and positive mood, brighter colors magnify this feeling. To create a feeling of suspense, use dark colors and maybe create a silhouette with a backlight. Mood lighting has a strong impact on creating a memorable experience for your viewers.

Set the Scene

No matter the production, you’re telling a story. The most effective way to do this is through all of the elements; content, sound, and lighting. When combined with the emotional triggers, you set the scene perfectly. Start with dramatic lighting, to grab the attention of your audience and then throughout your broadcast or event, use graphics and video walls to add excitement and engagement.


This is a crucial part of your event. Using the right signage at the right time will remind your attendees of who you are and help you advertise without making it obvious. Don’t make it boring, use LED screens, interactive screens, and placement that doesn’t take away from the content you’re providing.


One of the most important factors is to make sure your attendees leave knowing who you are and what you do, and will recognize your brand when they see it again. Integrating your brand color palette is a great way to convey this message. Set the stage with your unique colors, use spotlights. Just remember that sometimes less is more, choose the brand colors you use carefully so that they accent, rather than overpower your presentation.

Hiring the right production company to help you achieve these goals is essential for your YouTube Live Stream event, or your in-person event. Chandler Business Group provides video walls, lighting, sound, and more. We will help you to design just the right setting for your event or live stream, from inception to go time. Let us help you create a memorable event for your attendees and help increase attendance and viewership.

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