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Getting married ranks as one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. However, with a global pandemic, we can no longer get together physically, forcing thousands of couples to postpone or cancel their weddings. There is another option available, though. In times like these, a little resourceful planning and technology can mean that you don’t have to postpone your big day and can move forward with your wedding and new spouse — just as many couples around the world have chosen to do.

Chandler Business Group is here to handle all the small details. From hosting on the platform of your choice, setting up any equipment needed, and even providing a custom backdrop for you in our Mobile Studio. We are here and ready to make your wedding dreams come true!

Discover how to have a virtual wedding in a few simple steps:

Select a platform

This is the first thing you need to decide is how will you stream your ceremony? Think of this as your wedding venue, and just like any venue there will be likely costs associated depending on the length of time and number of guests you want in attendance. There are so many options out there, you may want to hire a video production planner like Chandler Business Group to help you choose and save you money in the long run.Let’s take a look at the platforms you can use and their pros and cons.

YouTube Live Stream

YouTube Live is one of the most popular social media platforms to share content with attendees. It’s format allows as many guests as you want as well as no time limits.


  • Can be merged with Zoom (however, you have to pay for Zoom)

  • Can be set to private so only those guests you invite can attend

  • Recording available to share later with guests who can’t attend


  • Only allows up to 50 people on private setting


Zoom is an industry-leading platform which allows users to have a live feed and host large numbers of guests.


  • Security features that limit who can attend a virtual event.

  • Guest interaction options.

  • Free sign up option.


  • Free option has a time limit on meetings and the number of guests allowed to attend.

  • Paid options can get pricey depending on the service you purchase.


WebEx is another option for hosting a virtual wedding. It allows a live video feed and can host a large number of guests.


  • Excellent security features and allows hosts to limit those who can join.

  • Guests can talk and interact with the host and each other

  • Free version


  • Free version limits the number of attendees and the amount of time for the live stream.

  • Costs increase depending on the number of guests and amount of time needed.


While you can host video and interaction is still available for the social aspect of the wedding is still present.


  • Allows a larger number of guests.

  • Competitive Pricing


  • More geared towards companies.

  • Personalization is limited.

Let your guests know

Make sure to let your guests know as soon as you’ve changed your plans from in-person to a virtual wedding. You still need to send out invitations, but make sure they have a link to the platform and FAQ’s in case they struggle logging on. You can still confirm attendance and you can ask them to wear special tops for the event, and any expectations you have during the wedding itself (like, put themselves on mute!). When you manage guests’ expectations, you decrease your own stress as you go through the actual event.

Make sure your state allows virtual weddings to be “legal.”

The laws around online marriages are murky at best, so make sure you know what the laws are in your area and keep up to date on any changes. Your County Clerk will have the most up to date information to know if you can apply for a marriage license online or if you have to do it in-person. The only person who must be in the room with you during your virtual wedding is the officiant in order for the marriage to be legal.

Don’t forget the vendors!

Even if your wedding is virtual, you don’t have to cancel all your vendors. You can invite the DJ or wedding band to the virtual event to provide music for the ceremony. You can even host a virtual reception and live stream it on a social media platform for everyone to enjoy. Have your baker create a smaller wedding cake so you can still have a cake cutting - you can even have pieces of cake delivered to your guests at their homes if your caterer is able to deliver and guests are nearby. There are more ideas to keep your vendors, think outside the box and see what you can come up with!

Have a Rehearsal

You still need to have a rehearsal even though you’re going virtual. Test everything before the big day. Ask a few guests to log in and watch to make sure that the technology works on both ends. Make sure your internet connection is solid, and let guests know that they’ll need uninterrupted internet time during the wedding.

Test that the DJ or wedding band can connect to the platform and that sound is working perfectly from ceremony to reception for a seamless experience both for you and your guests. Get Married!!

Take the big leap and get married!

You’ve worked hard, and you deserve to have the most special day. Enjoy the virtual experience to the max. Chandler Business Group can handle all the little details, hook you up with the right equipment and technology to make your day spectacular and make sure your guests enjoy their experience. We will even record the special day so you can share it with people who weren’t able to attend.

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