Creating Memorable Virtual Events

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Virtual events can be conferences, live streams, or any other type of event that takes place online.The key word is that the event is fully online. These events can be incredibly powerful as they increase the number of people who are able to attend. Attendees can join from all over the world, and most streaming services record your event that allows people to watch at a later time.Even if you plan to charge an event, people are more likely to invest because they won’t have to worry about paying for travel and lodging.

With so many tools available, it’s never been easier to create, promote and host a virtual event.

Depending on what type of virtual event you need to create, Chandler Business Group has the tools to help you make it engaging and interesting for your viewers. We have the latest technology to broadcast on YouTube Live Stream, create a private webinar or presentation, and even help you create your own YouTube Channel feed in our state-of-the-art Mobile Studio. We are ready and waiting to help you create, produce, and stream your content.

Here are a few of the events that we can help you create and promote!

Online Conference

An online conference, summit or whatever else you want to call it can be a great way to educate your audience from afar. Create different sessions through various times of the day for event attendees to pick and choose one, just like they would at a regular, in-person conference.


Webinars are shorter online events, but still get the word out about your business or organization to inform and educate your audience. Webinars are online presentations where the host speaks over a slideshow for a virtual audience. Most webinars can have live chats for the host or speaker to answer questions in real time.

Online Workshop

Hands-on workshops are usually where you walk students or attendees through how to do something and end the workshop with a completed project.

These are usually done in person, but when planned well, it can be turned into a virtual event. No matter if you’re showing students or attendees how to create content, a presentation, or how to build something, you can host it by streaming online. This can be done via YouTube and reach a large audience and have it available for people to watch later.

Contact us today to create your virtual event!

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