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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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In the current landscape of a global pandemic, it’s become a necessity to host online virtual events. This helps to keep your viewers safe, but also informed and entertained. Anyone in the event industry knows that no amount of planning can predict the weather, a venue or artist cancellation, and even a pandemic. Do you have a contingency plan to help you decide your next move? Are you able to go virtual in a quickly changing landscape?

As an event professional, it’s important to be adaptable, even with your expertise and experience, if you aren’t able to adapt, you’ll find yourself behind the game. There are a whole slew of digital formatting options to help you seamlessly pivot in any given challenge. Hiring an event professional can be the best option to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the market and be able to change direction quickly. No matter what you call it, live stream, webinar, or virtual event, the only thing that matters is that your attendee’s expectations are met. Better yet, exceeded their expectations.The benefits of online events can actually help your brand and event! The direct results of moving your event online are:

  • Open your event up to more people

  • Save on travel, vendors, and venue costs

What works offline in the real world might not in the virtual. But that doesn’t mean your online event or broadcast has to be subpar. Providing a quality experience is possible in any format.

A concert or performance live stream is perfect for the digital experience. It broadens the scope of your event, increasing viewership because there are no physical boundaries. Viewers can watch from anywhere and anytime. Events that are typically forums for discussion and thought leadership, or even a conference regularly held in person, can add value even in an online format. If you’re worried about losing the benefits of in-person networking, don’t. Encourage viewers to engage through the comments and chat section. This provides a space for people to interact, share thoughts, and discuss the event in real time.

YouTube Live Stream lets you display your venue setup and background, featured speakers, and event details. CBG Mobile Studio can allow you to live stream to YouTube and increase your brand, content, and message to millions of viewers. In addition to the Mobile Studio, CBG can add sound, lighting, LED screens, and management of any in-person event, including YouTube live streaming.

Sometimes you’ll need to adopt a tool that prioritizes event-goer participation. For this format, Chandler Business Group uses Convene, which allows you to:

  • Combine in-person and online events seamlessly

  • Can be tailored to your needs for online events

  • Allows virtual hand-raising and chat features

  • Creates one-on-one meetings, or larger group meetings virtually

  • No additional hardware needed, integrates smoothly with equipment you already have

Use High-End Equipment

Part of feeling like you’re there is having a seamless audio and visual experience. Here are a few checkpoints to make sure your audiences remains engaged:

  • Test your video and audio before your event: You’ll be able to fix any issues before they impact your guest experience

  • Use a good quality camera and headset: The camera on your computer will get the job done, but it’s important to remember your audience. People attend in-person events and gatherings for the rich, immersive experiences they offer. So invest in a quality camera and microphone to ensure your presence on their screens is sharp and clear.

  • Make sure your connection is solid: It’s a total bummer if spotty wifi means your live music set cuts out every 3 minutes. Quality is best on a solid wired internet connection, otherwise, just make sure you have serviceable Wi-Fi.

Use Chandler Business Group

Chandler Business Group Audio Visual services will meet all these checkpoints and more:

  • Our Production and Tech Manager will work with you to curate your remote event.

  • Our team will manage the logistics of going from in-person to virtual (for Eventbrite Creators)

  • Our Tech Manager will configure your personal hardware and software so you can go live using the equipment you already have.

  • We'll rehearse and prep with you to ensure you look and sound your best.

  • We test your connectivity and get you aligned for success.

  • We'll stay on the call to provide tech and production management.

Chandler Business Group also provides a Mobile Studio for digital productions. It’s mobile, so it comes to you. We handle all the details while you focus on the content. When using the CBG Mobile Studio, we will:

  • Consult with you on branding and visual effects needed

  • Produce your digital production from beginning to end - this includes sound setup, internet connection, live streaming through YouTube

Just like you would for any event, invite your audience to join you online. Create a promotional plan for your event, email, newsletters, social media, add an event on Facebook and update your website. While you’re focusing on your own social media, CBG also creates targeted posts to highlight your event, adds your event to our website, and will feature you on our blog once the event is over. Contact us today to create your online event or YouTube streaming!

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