How To Create Better Engagement for Virtual Events

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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Just because you move your event virtual, doesn’t mean you have to lose the networking and interaction that occurs during in-person events. As organizations take their events and conferences virtual because of COVID-19, many are concerned about the ability to replicate the engagement and interaction that are standard for face-to-face events.

Chandler Business Group is here to help you plan and create your virtual event.

With over 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the entire process and offer the technology to make your live stream or online meeting engaging and exciting. When you contact us to create your broadcast, we will help you with the following ideas to create better engagement for your virtual event!

1. Prepare your speakers.

It can be difficult to present to nobody. Most speakers feed off the reactions of their audience, so it’s important to talk to your presenters about what they can expect and how to best deliver the experience to an online audience.

2. Plan Wardrobe and Background Colors

When live streaming or presenting online, it’s important to have a clean background and wear clothing that isn’t distracting. Solid colors of backgrounds and clothing are the best choice. Using a green screen offers the best way to keep colors and graphics clean and crisp while not being overpowering. CBG Mobile Studio offers a green screen and can create the best design for you!

3. Offer Opportunities for Interaction

Offer chat or some way of messaging for the viewers. Make sure to let them know it’s available, the presenter or speaker should mention it a few times through the broadcast. Allowing speakers to engage actively, they get to see their questions and comments come to life. When allowing this feature, make sure the environment is conversational and reply to the viewer to encourage interaction.

4. Create Breaks

If you are presenting a conference breakout, or a long presentation, create natural breaks. Offer a fun trivia game, maybe some meditation, or other way to break the monotony of constant talking and presenting.

These tips will help you create a better experience for your viewers and increase viewership through word of mouth. Remember, the best way to gain attendees, viewers, and customers is referral! Create great content, get people involved, and get the word out!

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