Make it Merry! Stream it Live! Christmas 2020

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Before you know it, Christmas will be here! In the next couple of months, churches and other houses of worship will be figuring out how to hold a Christmas service virtually. Before the pandemic, churches would be teeming with attendees, lights, music, plays and choirs singing. But now? Social distancing and gathering limits have thrown a wrench into the gears.

Don’t fret! Chandler Business Group is here to help! Using the latest technology, sound systems, and design concepts, we can help create a virtual Christmas service that will be sure to create the feeling of Christmas.It may feel daunting to create and find ideas for a virtual worship service. Especially when in-person, it is a grand gathering of fellowship, worship, and enjoying the reason for the season as a community. Even while apart, there are ways to virtually deliver this same sense of joy and celebration.

First things first, make sure you do your due diligence on social media. Post in neighborhood groups on Facebook, use your own Facebook page and create an event on it. Encourage all church members to share with everyone, get people interested and ready to watch your Christmas service live!

#1. Christmas Plays

Even though you may not be able to congregate en masse, you can still host those adorable Christmas plays. Following group gathering guidelines, you can have families with children join in and take the virtual stage to perform mini plays. No matter the play, create small groups to act it out so viewers can see the play in its entirety, just in a few more parts than normal. For example, when reenacting the birth of Christ, one family’s children can be the three wisemen, and using a phone, record them playing their part. Another family's children can be Mary & Joseph, and again, using a phone, record this section. With a little creative editing, a wonderful play can be played for the congregants during the virtual service.

You can also work with families beforehand and have the children take over the live stream and say their lines and play the parts live. Whatever it is that you want to do, Chandler Business Group can help you put the videos together and edit, or host your virtual service, live streaming it for all to see.

#2. Choir & Other Music Performances

The power of voices raised together is usually the core of any Christmas service. Choir performances can be pre-recorded or done live! Just like with Christmas plays, designate a part of the choir under the limit of groupings, have them each sing a part or parts of the hymns. Encourage congregant participation with planning responsive songs so that they feel a part of the experience.

Note: Before recording or live streaming any musical content, make sure you purchase the right to use, or find songs that are free for fair use. Chandler Business Group can help you to navigate this issue and make sure your stream and recordings don’t get muted by YouTube.

#3. Sermons

In-person church attendance increases by almost 50% during Christmas. It creates a wonderful moment to invite new attendees to join more frequently, and ultimately, become members of your congregation. Because of Covid-19, that goal will be harder to accomplish this holiday season. For that reason, it’s important to change up the sermon. Instead of being behind a large pulpit or dias, get down onto the level of the viewer, sit in a comfortable chair and make your sermon intimate, like you’re talking to each person individually. By making the sermon feel more accessible, more people will be likely to watch.

#4. Youth programs

Create a special youth service program. You can have a church youth leader come onto the stage and tell a story or give a small children’s sermon about the significance of the holiday. If there is a special craft (think something like popsicle stick crosses and tissue paper), make sure the parents know beforehand to get the supplies. Have the kids create their craft while listening to themed stories. This doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes, but can create a lasting impression!

Chandler Business Group understands the needs of faith leaders and getting their congregation together to celebrate the holidays during Covid-19 restrictions. Let us help you create a service, provide insight on how to use social media to increase viewership, and stream your service worldwide! Our Sales team is waiting and ready to help! Discounts available for non-profit churches and organizations.

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