Tips to make Your Live Stream Event Better

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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Broadcasting anything live has its challenges, no doubt. You have no do-overs, no stopping, and you have to multitask and think quickly to keep things going, even when you make a mistake. Also, you never know exactly where your content may take you. Depending on the content you stream, you could quickly grow a large audience, and at other times, growing your audience takes a bit more nurturing and promotion.

Chandler Business Group walks you through how to create a great Live Stream Event, and produce it. Our Mobile Studio and YouTube channel are available to customize your event or broadcast. The Mobile Studio has state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, a green screen, and the ability to broadcast from anywhere. We offer additional marketing through our Social Media channels and website to attract new viewers to your broadcast. Let us create the best live stream for you!

Whatever your goals and expectations are for your live streaming, we have a few tips to help you prepare and put your best foot forward.

  • Keep Going: The more you do it, the better you get. Thousands of experienced live streamers out there can attest to the fact that it took some time to get into the groove, but with more practice, the better they did.

  • Make a List: Create checklists of the things you need and want to do during your live stream. Include lists for setup, rehearsal, show rundowns, pacing, and scripts. The more you can think of, the more clearly you’ll be able to organize your stream and feel more confident while you are streaming.

  • Preparation is Key: Know what your potential audience is interested in, do research on what trends are popular by looking at hashtags, demographic information, and social media posts. This will alleviate some of the stress of going live. Grab a post-it note and jot down three points you want to cover in your live stream. If you begin to feel nervous, take a quick look at the note and get back on track.

  • Know your Crew: Meet the crew and tech people before your event. Review the timeline, the most important elements, and the graphics and lighting needed during your broadcast. Emphasize the most important elements, so everyone can prioritize their assignments. Make sure to go over any specific terminology with the director so there is less confusion if directions are given in the heat of the moment. If this is your first time using the crew, show clips of your previous live streams you’ve done to create familiarity with your brand and message.

  • Market Your Event: Start advertising your live stream two weeks before it begins, then again the week before, the day before and then an hour before you go live. Invite friends to your event, use multiple social media channels, and use popular hashtags for the type of content you’re presenting. All of these things will get your message out and drive new viewers. Make sure your live show is recorded, so that anyone who missed it, can catch up later.

  • Broadcast Often: The best way to build a following and get engagement with your live stream is to plan a content strategy to create regular broadcasts - that can be weekly, a few times a week, or every other week. Just make sure to have a goal in mind, and execute it.

  • Drop hints: When you create an event and begin advertising, make sure that you announce the time you are going live, and give a hit about the content. Write a compelling description about the stream, and use it through your advertising avenues, as well as during your live stream.

  • Keep it Simple: Your broadcast can look more professional by keeping it simple. Viewers won’t know what you left out, be deliberate about graphics, videos created ahead of time, and breaks. Focus on the main content and make that the focal point of your stream.

  • Don’t go for Perfection: Stressing out about being “perfect,” will kill a broadcast and hurt the morale of your team. Giving feedback to your crew without demanding perfection will reinforce positive habits and give them membership over their position. Highlight the good things that happened.

  • Don’t be Scared to Go Big: Let your creativity fly, be authentic and fun. Check out what other content creators are doing in your niche, and copy the heck out of the good ones! Your live stream will be unique because of YOU.

  • Have fun: This is a real-time video, mistakes and mishaps are bound to happen. This is your opportunity to share something you’re excited about in the world. Don’t sweat the small stuff, you’ll get better the more you stream. Enjoy the moment, don’t get bogged down if a mistake happens.

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