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Going to a worship service during Covid-19 has changed the way parishioners attend services dramatically. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, only one-third of adults have watched religious services online or on television in the past month. Worshipping remotely has created barriers that most faith leaders and congregants haven’t experienced before. Fellowship has suffered because people can no longer shake hands with their minister, priest, rabbi or imam. Creating those deep connections through faith and fellowship are made difficult, leaving faith leaders scrambling to maintain and grow their congregation during a time when faith is needed most.

Some offerings from houses of worship have fallen off due to time and technology constraints, but these are almost more important than the actual service itself. By creating an interactive experience for your congregants, you can engage them in discussion, prayer, and fellowship without having to be in the same room. Using a platform that allows viewer participation, like texting questions, taking turns reading scripture, or just listening in to an additional service can allow your outreach to continue beyond worship service.

Chandler Business Group understands your needs. We can help develop a strategy to fit the your vision to create engaging and fulfilling services. Increasing viewership and encouraging new members to join in person once it is safe. This technology will also allow your current members to watch service live or recorded at their leisure.

Here are a few of the activities Chandler Business Group can help you host!

Virtual Worship Service

Many houses of worship have begun offering services on YouTube or Facebook Live, but without someone technologically savvy, it presents challenges. Having a professional to help with internet connection, broadcasting, recording for later viewing, and assisting viewers with logging in and watching can make a huge difference in the number of people who come to service.

Services can be made more effective with the use of uplighting and better sound quality, helping worshipers engage more and want to attend live services more often.

Virtual Bible Study or Sunday School

Kids love technology! Hosting a virtual Sunday school gives them a nice break from the online classes they struggle with. It also gives mom and dad a break to either attend their own scripture study or virtual service. With a little planning and creativity, kids can even complete art projects to keep them engaged in that week’s study.

Discussion Panels

In the age of Covid, it is more important than ever to provide leadership and comfort to parishioners. A discussion panel of church leaders can help give members another way to connect and feel secure in the church’s direction and availability. You can create a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly discussion panel to address immediate issues, take prayer requests, and just reach out to your members.

Holiday Services

The holidays are quickly approaching. These services are full of participation by congregants; choir presentations, plays performed by children, special sermons, and more. Don’t let these celebrations be any less than spectacular! With a little imagination, practice, and technology, you can still have choir concerts that are socially distanced performed live in your house of worship, use virtual platforms where children can recite special verses, dress up and give their own presentations and special guests to read special prayers to the congregation.

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