What is the best live streaming platform, YouTube or Facebook Live?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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YouTube Live, launched in 2011, is a seasoned video sharing veteran, looking to modify it’s live feature for a modern audience. Facebook launched its own live streaming service last year, and it pushed advertising with influence and media channels bolstered it’s live streaming capacity and popularity with users greatly. Live Streaming is on the rise and major social media platforms YouTube and Facebook are having a showdown to secure the spot as the dominant player. Last year, Facebook’s introduction of Facebook Live and its push to advertise the platform with influencers and media channels has bolstered its live streaming capacity and popularity with users immensely. Conversely, YouTube and Facebook are battling it out, both adding new features often to attract users to watch and content creators to livestream. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both

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Will users gravitate towards one or the other?

YouTube and Facebook each have over 1 billion users, and are used for unique purposes. YouTube originally offered a platform for individuals to share, watch and discover original videos and a forum for people to connect with each other. It also became a video content distribution platform, allowing original content creators to become social media influencers.

On the other hand, Facebook is mainly leveraged by users as a social networking platform to share thoughts and content with their friends. The recent growth and new live streaming features, Facebook has become a publishing platform for social media influencers as well. Live Streaming feeds into the advantages of both platforms, video sharing and social networking. Content creators are looking for the opportunity to instantly share moments and thoughts to their peers. While YouTube has the advantage in live streaming as the predominant video platform, Facebook's social networking features may begin to take over that precedence.

Which is better? Facebook Live or YouTube?

YouTube is definitely the home of the brightest stars and best content influencers on the internet. These creators are crucial to driving the development of the live streaming format. Both YouTube and Facebook rely on these influencers to boost the appeal and relevance of their platforms. Both YouTube and Facebook have begun offering contracts to compensate influencers and content creators to continue creating content on their platforms. This has created a race to create additional features, attract brands to sponsor content creators, and keep up on the latest trends of live streaming. YouTube has now added Community and Super Chat, this allows influencers to be compensated directly by their audiences and gives them a higher capacity to engage with fans in real time. YouTube’s mobile live streaming is competing with Facebook Live’s on-the-go-streaming. By investing in live streaming influencers, this creates significant implications for influencer marketing. More influencers streaming means more content, and brands need to start sponsoring content creators. Since live streaming leaves little room for error, this may mean that any future campaigns will include greater brand involvement to help create content.

Platform Features of YouTube Livestream and Facebook Live

YouTube Live and Facebook Live have all the common features available in live streaming. Some include the ability to broadcast on desktop and mobile, a live comments chat box, strong sharing opportunities, and a system where live broadcasts can be archived and found by users later. Both differ on their influencer compensation system and their advertising opportunities. Influencers on YouTube Live will likely be compensated directly through fans and sponsors, perhaps gaining a cut of a pre-roll ad or in-video ad. Influencers on Facebook Live will find compensation through a split on ad revenue and paid contracts, as well as partnerships with third-party brands.

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