Why You Should be Streaming Live

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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Video streaming is one of the most popular and influential ways of relaying and accessing information today. Video streaming is delivered via the Internet to a remote user. It allows a video to be viewed online without being downloaded.

Online video boasts a 90% penetration rate of internet users on any device, according to Statista. Given that there are about 3.5 billion smartphone users online, you can conclude that a multitude of people now access hours of paid or free video content from anywhere with an internet connection. Online video is also popular on PCs, consoles, smart TVs, and video-on-demand, allowing watching videos online in the living room. It’s a no-brainer that this form of communication enjoys tremendous success and becoming quite profitable.

Many businesses have created excellent video promotion strategies to stay competitive. The best results happen when the right information is analyzed for useful insights when creating unique visual and interactive experiences.

When live streaming on social media started, it was a non-interactive media. In 2020, this trend has changed to two-way interaction between the person or group streaming and their audience. Thanks to messaging applications, people can now comment and converse with the broadcasters in real-time. Since the inception of this capability, the popularity of live streaming has increased significantly among organizations and people. Many business entities use it for advertising and using their brand to send information to their target demographic.Perhaps the most essential reason is the rapid rise in the number of people who use mobile devices. Organizations are able to showcase their offerings better, enhancing the overall experience of the end-users.

Television has been eclipsed by mobile viewership, becoming the favorite mode of accessing video content. This trend is heavily attributed to the need of mobile networks to use more reliable and convenient broadband and LTE services.Cooperating between streaming providers and mobile networks are increasing by the day. They want to deliver as much value to end-users as possible and this results in a rise of video content demand.

Chandler Business Group is on the leading edge of streaming technology, both streaming live events and using a Mobile Studio to broadcast your brand and message. Contact us today to take advantage of the benefits of live streaming!

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